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via dolorosa

each viernes santo we would travel somberly dressed to view the stations of the cross, la via dolorosa, no radio music to be played all day and fish yet one more time my mother’s escabeche carefully prepared at start of … Continue reading

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Why a Roman Catholic Woman Priest?

These days I am frequently asked why, if there are so many Christian faiths ordaining women, I am intent on becoming a Roman Catholic Woman Priest.  And my best answer is that I have a long history with the Divinity … Continue reading

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A female image of God

Yesterday I gave a small ‘talk’ at a local Presbyterian church (which may be where I am eventually ordained, if I ever finish my units…) which was appropriately called, by them, ‘Memoirs of an Activist’ through story, poetry and song. … Continue reading

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Female and male created she them.

I am considering the differences between pantheism and panentheism. The first is forbidden to Christians and of course to Catholics, the second one apparently is not. I have always considered myself a secret pantheist, because of believing God was in … Continue reading

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