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The silver lining to the bad news and the worse news: el filo de plata en las noticias malas y las peores

I recently posted a commentary on the Pavlov reflex, which is how we seem to run elections in the United States.  We have been well trained by our corporate masters, including, in particular, the mass corporate media, to salivate at … Continue reading

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Last bilingual post on the Pavlov syndrome – último artículo bilingüe sobre el síndrome de Pavlov (translation provided mañana)

Pavlovian or classical conditioning refers to a learning procedure in which a biologically potent stimulus (the greater evil, a/k/a Donald Trump, or el Donald) is paired with a previously neutral stimulus (elections). It also refers to the learning process that results … Continue reading

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Advertising and bleeding hearts

For those of us who are aware that our hearts bleed all over the landscape, and who are the designated audience of many of the big multinationals and corporate giants in our midst, especially if we have undertaken to fight … Continue reading

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