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Hacer el trabajo digno es su propia recompensa

Berta Cáceres en el Río  Gualcarque en la región del Río Blanco en Honduras, donde tanto ella como Copinh mantuvieron una lucha de más de dos años para parar la construcción del projecto hidroeléctrico de  Agua Zarca, con sus terribles … Continue reading

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Let the new world begin!

Here it is again, from me: For all of you (us) depressed and negative about last night and about Bernie’s possibilities on the Democratic ballot: 1. We knew back in April of 2015 when he announced his candidacy that it … Continue reading

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Good days and bad days: an activist’s plaint

Yesterday I posted in my Spanish blog that I had been listening to Leon Gieco’s song, “Cinco siglos igual” (which translates roughly to “the same thing for five centuries”) and that I couldn’t help but think that despite all the … Continue reading

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Why a Roman Catholic Woman Priest?

These days I am frequently asked why, if there are so many Christian faiths ordaining women, I am intent on becoming a Roman Catholic Woman Priest.  And my best answer is that I have a long history with the Divinity … Continue reading

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Musings from November 24, 2008: Sitting on the floor at Birmingham International Airport waiting for boarding time to return to California from a pilgrimage to Fort Benning, Georgia, to protest the continued operation of the School of the Americas or … Continue reading

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Why I don’t celebrate “Labor Day” in September

The real Labor Day is on May 1st, also known as International Worker’s Day, and it is celebrated as “Labor Day” in more than 80 countries throughout the world. The celebration is based, of course, on the labor movement in … Continue reading

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Oh to be in Austin…

February 3, 2014  Oh to be in Austin chained right here right now to compañeros fighting the separation of families baby from mother, father   sister brother, the cilantro growing in the yard behind the house where sheets used to … Continue reading

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