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Last bilingual post on the Pavlov syndrome – último artículo bilingüe sobre el síndrome de Pavlov (translation provided mañana)

Pavlovian or classical conditioning refers to a learning procedure in which a biologically potent stimulus (the greater evil, a/k/a Donald Trump, or el Donald) is paired with a previously neutral stimulus (elections). It also refers to the learning process that results … Continue reading

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We now interrupt the regularly scheduled program (elections) for station identification

So it has been all quiet on the Western Front from me, which yes, you could take as an allusion to Remarque’s brilliant post WWI novel about the destruction of human beings by war, or not.  The station in question … Continue reading

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A small pastoral diversion/ un pequeño desvío pastoral

Today I had the misfortune of reading a post from Think Progress, a group I have long patronized and donated money to, obviously very partial to Hillary Clinton and to her “faith.”   I found the  article triggered my gag … Continue reading

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The War Profiteer – La especuladora en las guerras

THE WAR PROFITEER                                      LA ESPECULADORA EN LAS GUERRAS HAITI                           … Continue reading

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