A Vote for Jill Stein is a Vote for Jill Stein

I am translating your beautiful post to Spanish, and with your permission, posting it in forty or fifty sites, as well as sending it, bilingually, to some family members, including some of my children, who have been saying (or thinking) that the fact that I will not vote for Hillary means a vote for Trump. I had already expressed some of the same thoughts that you do so brilliantly. If you want to, I will gladly share my Spanish version of your brilliant version in English.You might also be interested in checking out my blog, whose name at one time was silviantonia, which was changed when most of my posts were bilingual Bernie or Bust posts. This is the “Bust” time, and I am amazed that people don’t get that. In my own case and with my own family, I am amazed that they forget that I have been arrested again and again for principles I believe in. I had to forgo Philadelphia, although I had bought my ticket before I was named a candidate, way back in March, I think, because I slipped and fell and was badly injured and couldn’t travel.I am reblogging this on my own blog and will post the Spanish version there as well.Thank you for a beautifully written and expressed post. Onward the revolution, or as we say in my native country of Cuba, ¡Qué viva la revolución!

Source: A Vote for Jill Stein is a Vote for Jill Stein

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