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Judy Balch Liteky, ¡presente!

Today I went to a service celebrating the life of our wonderful Judy Balch Liteky, a woman who graced so many lives with her compassion and her activism.  It occurred to me that she achieved what has lately eluded me, … Continue reading

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1. What part of “or bust” did you not understand? 2. This is the “or bust” part. 3. Where is the outrage? 1. ¿Qué parte no entienderon de ‘o nada’? 2. Esta es la parte sobre el ‘o nada.’ y 3.¿Dónde está la indignación?

Where is the outrage? ¿Dónde está la indignación? Again, bilingually, and as you can see, I have three issues for you to consider today, as indicated in my title:  1. What part of “Bernie or Bust” did you not understand; 2. … Continue reading

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A Vote for Jill Stein is a Vote for Jill Stein

I am translating your beautiful post to Spanish, and with your permission, posting it in forty or fifty sites, as well as sending it, bilingually, to some family members, including some of my children, who have been saying (or thinking) … Continue reading

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We now interrupt the regularly scheduled program (elections) for station identification

So it has been all quiet on the Western Front from me, which yes, you could take as an allusion to Remarque’s brilliant post WWI novel about the destruction of human beings by war, or not.  The station in question … Continue reading

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