It’s me, with a touch of bathos? Pathos?

Today I feel like the character that John Lithgow played ever so well in Third Rock from the Sun, which for years was my favorite comedy in the whole wide world! He was alternately self-satisfied and poignantly narcissistic, with a childlike demand on having his needs met by everyone … me, me, me! After a third medical visit I am back on a mild blood pressure medication, and I will have to watch my diet and up my (nonexistent) exercise regime. Yes, I am walking again (note that she talks always in the first person, it is about me me me!) with two feet rather than a booted foot, but how dare my body betray me when I always feed it good organic foods, more green than is contained in the Federal vaults, and plenty of good filtered water! Arrgghh…


I am standing with a foot in two separate worlds, much like Sally, Tommy, Harry and Dick. On the one hand is my ‘serious work,’ the study of theology, the protests and essays and contributions to various causes, and on the other hand my body is on strike! First, a fall and a fracture, and now all these medical terms that I abhor! I finally admitted to my wonderful young doctor, as well as to the acupuncturist, that I do have an unlisted allergy, and it’s to allopathic medicine, in all its forms! My blood pressure rises when I see the instrument of torture that is “the cuff,” which yesterday broke some blood vessels in my arm… who designed this, Hitler’s boys? (Both women, having a sense of humor of their own, offered to take off their white coats…). I need humor, I need (notice the “I” interspersed throughout the woman’s rants…) more Third Rock, I need to watch TV! Am I ever going to be “gorgeous” again? I'm gorgeous!
Is sarcasm allowed in heaven? Is the dog silently criticizing my voice when he barks as I sing? What to do??????????????????????????

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