Dandelion beauty (on humbleness and simplicity)

dandelion flowers

A friend of mine is threatening to ‘clean up’ my back yard, which right now is covered in beautiful, sunlight-yellow, dandelion flowers. What to him is a dirty back yard, to me is a thing of beauty. Because he has been wonderfully helpful with the problem of my broken right foot, he smiles and tells me he would ‘clean this mess up’ if I would only let him, and my yard would be ‘gloriously’ clean.

Of course for me, gazing out of my window in the morning or late afternoon, and seeing the carpet of yellow, with here and there a bee or a ladybug, is gloriously beautiful. Dandelions are simple, humble flowers; they don’t go around telling other flowers how bright they are or how many college degrees they have; they simply shine, at no cost to the lucky recipient of their dandelion smiles. They are hardy and generous with their brightness and their cheerfulness. They make me happy!

My late husband was a large dandelion with an infectious laugh, humble as the day is long, despite the fact that he was a brilliant man and generous to a fault. He loved both dandelions and sunflowers (he loved yellow!), because both of them, he often quipped, were just good at being honest flowers, without academic pretension.

I came home today from the office of Dr. Cheung, and met a wonderfully simple man, dressed much like anybody’s gardener in a worn flannel shirt, and instantly liked him just because of this outfit! He chastised me a bit because the foot is still badly swollen and he says he can tell I have not been putting it up all the time as I should! (I had to admit he was right…). But he was a delight to talk to, a simple, humorous man with a kind smile.

May I be a good dandelion in the coming year, ready to share my dandelion smile with all and sundry, a hardy friend to my brothers and sisters and to those brothers and sisters whom I have yet to meet. Namasté.

P.S. This meditation was in part due, not to a grant from any foundation, but to a wonderful book and cause written by Rivera Sun, which I have given away over and over, called the Dandelion Insurrection.

dandelion flowers2

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