thither and yon

wherever i am called

by destiny or desire

i pray for kind days

and for tears

pray for the loveliness

of sky above my eyes

and moon and stars

and flowers in the springtime

and the fall

oh how i love autumnal flowers

and the colors

of the falling leaves

the smell of wood smoke

though these days it does

further pollute the air

contaminated by all manner

of the man-made products

of man’s greed

man’s inhumanity to man

has but one shortened synonym

and oh, thy name is greed

and avarice and love

of money for its own devices

not the hard-earned coin

for good day’s work

but money as a god, that mammon

we were earlier warned of,

the green stuff as a ruler and a deity

the joke my mother made

when speaking about vegetables

and her apparent allergy to green:

she said, oh no, i do love green

for i have always loved the green of money

though not the green of lettuce

or of broccoli

but once again

i stray,

go thither and yon

calloo, callay, and frabjous day indeed

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