Writing as a task, a promise

No revisions… can I do that…
Can I put down on the page, paper,
toilet or napkin, ruled or electronic,
whatever the angst requires without going back
and correcting punctuation, spelling,
can I allow my perfectionistic self
to be ensorcelled
by the woman of the careless
life, the one who tells me
housework is for drips,
the one who has renounced
the lessons of the early Cuban life,
is it possible to just write and write and write
without a care?

Already I have failed to do that,
already typos have become the words you see
and if I let the failures shine upon the world
there is a stomach rumble that won’t go away
anytime soon-

is that what someone meant who spoke about
the times that try men’s sould?
a d for s! and were the souls then
sold toe the hightest bidder?
the toe! a toe for all times!
and a hightest bidder in these times
of fueled oligarchy!
this is fun!

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